Retirement Planning and Annuities

With state pension benefits likely to reduce over the long term, planning for retirement has become a topic of much discussion that now warrants careful planning.

Contributing to a company or private pension is still one of the most efficient ways to save for your future and the sooner you start the better. Whether you are just starting your working life or a long way down it, we can review your arrangement to ensure you have a pension plan that will meet your expectations in the years to come.

If you are a company looking to set-up a company pension scheme for your employees, we have a wealth of experience helping small to medium sized firms implement their company pension schemes. Company pension schemes are sought-after staff benefits valued by employees often resulting in better staff retention.

There are many pensions funds from many providers each with their own terms and fees, so it is worth having qualified pension advisers like Sturdy Edwards advise you. We will guide you through the many pension schemes available and their suitability to meet your circumstances, so that your retirement planning gets off to the best start.

Currently with personal pensions, you are able to access your benefits from age 55. We offer advice on flexi-access drawdown contracts as well as looking at alternative options, such as annuities or taking your pension as a lump sum.

We do not offer advice on Defined Benefit (Final Salary) schemes.


Once you reach a pensionable age you will need to plan the best way to maximise your pension income. Traditionally, this will have meant buying an income with one or other provider, which is called an Open Market Option. The values of these income purchases vary so it is worth shopping around. This is best done with the help and knowledge of a qualified financial adviser like Sturdy Edwards, to help you understand the many different options you will be offered. That way you can be sure you have the best purchase price to maximise your pension value and income for your retirement.

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