Business Continuity Insurance

Business continuity insurance is designed to cover your organisation against the loss of business income caused by a fire, flood, major theft or other serious property damage preventing you from trading.

Protecting your business income

If a crisis were to hit your business, would you be able to survive it? Many well-run SMEs and large organisations do not have the in-house resources to survive a major incident caused by a fire, flood or similar event. Business Continuity Insurance is specifically designed to give the financial support to help businesses recover from this sort of incident and to start trading again.

What does Business Continuity Insurance provide?

Our business continuity insurance policies will protect your business from the impacts of this type of business interruption. We will first carefully assess your risks and liabilities and tailor an insurance policy to your particular needs and circumstances. Your business is individual and unique and with a little preparation and forethought, recovering from a major crisis like a fire or flood will be made simpler and quicker to manage.

Free Services to Clients

As part of our overall service, Sturdy Edwards Insurance Brokers provide to clients, as standard, professional advice and clear and timely guidance on the scope and type of insurance cover required. Price is of course a major factor and we will work to a budget to recommend a package of insurance protection for you and your family and/or business.

Risk Management

We can offer advice and provide materials for businesses and organisations to assist with health and safety and risk management, such as risk assessments for fire, electrical inspections, working at height and more. We will work with you to help reduce the likelihood of a claim, which sits well with insurance companies and helps to keep premiums down.

Disaster Recovery

Whilst insurance claims money may pay for losses, the recovery from a major loss involves far more than just cash.
You will need to keep staff and customers informed, make provision for continuous trading, albeit at a reduced level, and a host of other issues that would be prudent to anticipate beforehand.