Financial Advisor Services

Sturdy Edwards Financial Services offers a full range of financial planning and investment advice and services to business and private clients.

We offer a full range of financial advisor services from investments in stocks and shares, mortgage comparisons, including buy-to-let loans, life insurance, critical illness protection, as well as making arrangements for your private pension or company scheme and retirement plans.

If you are looking for a financial advisor near you with access to the whole UK financial services market, we can invest your money in stocks and shares, arrange keen mortgage terms, plan for your retirement and insure your life through competitive life insurance policies, and your wealth management, Sturdy Edwards Financial Services can help you.

At a time when interest rates are low and there is relatively low growth in the economy, finding investments or savings that are rewarding and reliable is critical to your long- term financial security. With our knowledge and expertise, your money will be invested prudently to ensure the financial security of you and your dependents.

Please contact us for financial advice.