Life Insurance Protection Advice

Life Insurance cover is an important part of any family's financial security in case of sudden and unexpected death of a partner or loved one. There are two key types of life insurance policy; Term Assurance, which will pay a lump-sum or monthly payment if the insured dies during the term.

The other is a Whole-of-Life policy, which as the names suggests is for the whole of your life and most commonly used to protect against Inheritance Tax bills.

We arrange life insurance policies for our clients to buy life insurance to ensure their mortgage is covered, whilst others have it to provide a lump-sum or monthly income to their family. It is a widely used insurance protection policy and one that families arrange for their benefit in case something unexpected happens to threaten their financial security.

There are many life insurance policies to choose from, for both Term and Whole-of-Life. Each offer their own terms, so it is sensible to seek guidance from an expert like Sturdy Edwards with our in-depth knowledge of the life insurance market.

By using Sturdy Edwards, you can arrange a tailor-made protection plan that meets your specific requirements and long-term plans.

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