Investment and Wealth Management Services

We provide an investment and wealth management service for the stock market in the form of stocks and shares, investment in property in land and buildings, as well as Individual Savings Accounts (ISA’s), Onshore or Offshore Bonds, Unit Trusts and Collective Investments to offer you a comprehensive Wealth Management Service.

Our qualified financial advisors will review your needs, circumstances and approach to risk, to select a suitable portfolio of investments for your future financial security.

Interest rates remain low which is good for your mortgage but not for your savings. However, there are many other investments in stocks and shares that our financial advisors can explore to meet your needs and circumstances.

From a regular monthly amount to a single lump sum we can help you with your investment goals whether it is for university fees, to help repay your mortgage or to assist in retirement.

Please contact us for investment and wealth management advice.

Sturdy Edwards

We help clients to arrange mortgages, give independent investment guidance on ISAs

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